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  The Stats
Name:Thom Watson
Height:About 5'6" | 1.68 m.
Weight:Around 125-130 lbs. | 59 kg
Waist:30" | 76 cm.
Inseam:30" | 76 cm.
Jacket:38 short
Shirt:15" neck / 32" sleeves
Shoe:8 to 8-1/2 US | 7 to 7-1/2 UK | 41 European
Ring:8 to 8-1/2
Hat:7-1/8 US | 7 UK
  reflecting at forty - may 04 2004

I was a painfully skinny kid, and am still fairly slender, though I am getting a middle-age spread around the waist. My weight tends to fluctuate between about 125-130 pounds, about 10-15 pounds heavier than my high school and college days, and occasionally creeping up to no more than 135.

My hair has been short to medium length since college, longer in high school, and noticeably wavy in its medium to longer lengths. It's auburnish brown in color, with some metallic copper strands especially in summer and, increasingly, silver gray strands year-round. I also often sport facial hair, usually just a trim goatee as at present, but I've also alternated among a full, closely trimmed beard as in the picture above, taken last September, and a clean-shaven face. The beard is lighter in color than the hair on my head, though it is graying a little more rapidly. Still, I think I've aged relatively slowly. Since high school, the length of my hair has fluctuated (right now it's shorter than it has been in quite a while), as has the presence and type of facial hair and style of eyeglasses, and some grey started growing in at my temples during the course of a particularly stressful job a couple of years ago, and continues to spread; all else has remained pretty much the same for about the last fifteen years. Most people estimate my age at around 8-10 years less than its true figure. Regardless, I've never really been hung up on my or anyone else's age, and turning 40 a year ago was just another day.

I guess my eyes are what often are called "hazel." Oddly, though, the color really does seem to vary among green, gray, brown and even occasionally blue, depending on a number of factors. It's probably more realistic to think that they just contain all these colors, some of which are more obvious at any given moment due to ambient light or the clothes I'm wearing, but I like to take the more magical and romantic view that they actually change. I do have light gold-brown rims around the pupils and dark gray rims around the iris, the latter of which in the Middle Ages apparently was thought to confer second sight. Not that I've noticed that I'm any more sensitive to precognition than anyone else, more's the pity.

More photos:

march 2003 - sonora desert museum, tucson, arizona march 2003 - gates pass, tucson, arizona
march 2003 - tubac, arizona march 2000 - pbs farewell party
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