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myworld and welcome to it

Came across this link to MyWorld66 from JaseWells.com. Select the countries you’ve visited, and it will create a map with those countries marked in red.

Here’s mine. Sadly, for someone who thought he was so worldly, I’ve only visited 13 countries so far. I need to get moving.

map of the world with the 13 countries I've visited marked in red
create your own visited country map

I found a similar application for creating a map of the states I’ve visited. Here I’ve done a little better, having visited 36 plus the District of Columbia. I just need to take one train trip from Mississippi up the middle of the country ending in the Dakotas. Well, that and two flights to Alaska and Hawaii.

map of the U.S. with the 36 states and DC I've visited marked in red


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Were did you find the one for the states? I’ve wanted to find something like that but never got around to looking.


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