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washington dc metro area gay, lesbian, bi, transgender, queer, etc. blogs and journals

For a while, I’d been telling Jeff that I had been thinking about maintaining a list of GLBTQ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, homosexual, transgender, queer, etc.) folk in the DC metro area (DC; Northern Virginia, including so far Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Herndon, Montclair, Vienna, Woodbridge; Maryland, including so far Baltimore, Gaithersburg, Hyattsville, Laurel, Silver Spring, Upper Marlboro) who maintain blogs or journals. Today, with the day off, I finally had some time to put into it and, for what it’s worth, here it is. If you know of others not included, please drop me a line or leave a comment, and I’ll update the list. If you have other suggestions for making this more useful, please let me know those as well.

Last updated: 13 March 2004
Total sites listed: 122
Sites with XML/RSS feeds: 91
Get the OPML file for these RSS feeds.

4.5km due north of the hellmouth
XMLall that
andrea von kaenel’s journal - friends only
XMLandrew’s life version 2.57
XMLand these little mind fucks you do to me
:::arrival takes place… now:::
XMLask me about my lobotomy
XMLa bakeneko’s perspective - the journal of a werecat
beaverhausen blog
XMLbill’s journal
XMLbiting hazels
blah, blah, black sheep
XMLthe cat @ walden pond
XMLcharles’ journal
XMLchastmastr’s journal
XMLcj’s journal
XMLclockwatcher’s journal
XMLthe confessional
confluence of nescience
cool relax
XMLcorbett thinks aloud…
XMLdave k’s journal
XMLdave prime
dcsteve72 - now
XMLdigital flotsam
XMLdreaming of cloves
the ED pages
dumbek’s random stuff
XMLeddie’s journal
XMLelf-reflection :: living in changeling times
XMLenter the abyss
XMLeric’s blog
XMLfornax’s glossolalia
XMLgingin’s thoughts on life
XMLg r e g o r y ’ s journal
XMLgreg’s journal
XMLhey from danny
XMLi am a bear, who is often found on a train
XMLi try to run, i try to flee
XMLinfrequencies of thought
insights from lost and found
XMLje suis—vous êtes;
joe’s take-out
XMLjohn robison’s journal
XMLjust as i thought
the legal moose’s glen
XMLlion cub’s journal
XMLthe little wolf’s den
logan circle guy taps keyboard
XMLlove loyalty and friendship: musings of a quirky irish boy
XMLmarkbear74’s journal
XMLmatthew henry’s bitchin’ blog
XMLmatthew o’leary’s journal
XMLmetro weekly headlines
XMLmoi j’ai besoin d’amour
XMLmonkey’s conscience
XMLthe monkey’s page: spigot turned on
morel’s world
XMLmy world: huh! what did you say?
XMLnerdy girl
XMLone snake on a head of many
XMLout of the blue
XMLown the moment
XMLpixie with a crash helmet
XMLplaying under the table and dreaming
XMLrachel’s journal
XMLrainbow romantic’s journal
XMLrandom musing of qx bear
reality broken down
XMLrebel prince
XMLrennie ramblings: tales from the shrinking universe
XMLthe republic of t
XMLricky’s journal
XMLrugbyguysb’s journal
XMLst. bug
seamus mcstebbins, the irish paperboy
XMLshe sees you cry…
XMLsomebody’s closet
XMLsomething positive
XMLstitched together poorly
synaptic discharge
XMLtemperantia r3
XMLthanh’s journal
XMLthink i’ll have another glass of mexican wine
tiki tiki tembo
XMLtim’s modern life
XMLtransient images (note: each category on Jol’s blog has its own RSS feed; the one provided here is just to the main blog)
XMLa trick mind
XMLtrivia and peacebuilding:beauty-violence-inequality-and daily affairs
XML‘twas brillig, and the slithy toves…
vicious thinks
XMLwashington g.l.b.t.d.c.
XMLwesley the improbable
where angels fear to tread
XMLxtra rick’s journal


This is nifty. Thanks, man! :)

Thanks…what a great service! And interesting, too..

Oh wow! Very cool site! And thank you for linking to mine! :) Big bearhugs!

If you have not, you should check out the Radical Faeries sometime.


Wow.. how did you find all of the links?

It involved a fair amount of time and diligence; I started with the sites I knew, and followed their links. Then I went to the cool DC Metro Blog Map, and checked every link on that site for clues to their owners’ orientations. Once I ended up on some LJ sites, I started following links to friends, and friends’ friends, and so on.


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