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the great appletini, continued

Last month I posted about my ongoing search for the best sour apple martini. Although the drink I had last night was called a sour apple margarita and is therefore not a martini, most of the other contemporary drinks called “martinis” are not technically martinis, either, so with my complete editorial discretion I’m going to include last night’s anyway.

Jeff and I had dinner at Chevy’s Fresh Mex at Pentagon City, and I ordered the Sour Apple Margarita, a “tart blend of Sauza Gold tequila, Pucker Green Apple and fresh-squeezed lime juice.” Served in a heavy, large, attractive green margarita glass, their standard size (they also offer an option to supersize it, or whatever catchphrase they use) is quite large and a real bargain at $5.75.

Larger and cheaper than Fuzio’s sour apple martini ($7.95), the sour apple ‘rita presentation included three huge floating slices of a Granny Smith apple (complete cross-sections), and tasty sour apple-flavored sugar on the rim. Taking a sip, Jeff agreed that this drink was quite yummy (and his own mango cocktail, served in a mug, was so fruity-tasting he didn’t quite remember it contained alcohol until he nearly swooned).

Of the current three contenders, the Chevy’s sour apple margarita is now the sour apple cocktail to beat.

[Addendum 16 Oct 2003 15:32]
Since this entry originally was published, Jeff also has posted about our evening at Pentagon City; it has indeed become a meeting place for us. When my car was working, it was the closest Metro stop from my house and an easy pick-up spot when he would come over after work; now that the car is garaged for the moment, it’s an extremely convenient, five-minute bus ride from the end of my block.


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