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the road to richmond

Unless I find something worth audblogging over the weekend, I’ll be incommunicado on the net this weekend. I’m travelling down to Richmond again this weekend to keep my mom company and to visit my dad who remains hospitalized indefinitely. I’m taking the laptop to leave behind with Mom, but at the moment she’s still without electricity a week after the hurricane, so I don’t know if power will be restored while I’m visiting. The apartment complex where she’s staying temporarily has had water service since Sunday, so she’s been able to bathe, at least, and my sister brought her a cooler of ice (which my aunt and uncle replenished when they visited her on Wednesday) and a battery-powered radio with weather and tv bands when she drove there this past Monday.

Dad’s condition is mostly unchanged, though his temperature has returned to normal, which is hopeful news vis a vis the hospital-acquired pneumonia. His blood pressure also has stabilized. Earlier in the week the doctors discovered that Dad was losing blood, so in addition to giving him a couple of units they had to do both an endoscopy and colonoscopy to try to find the cause; during the latter procedure they did find a couple of intestinal polyps, which they cauterized, and they are hoping that that has taken care of the bleeding. The nurse has reported a small amount of blood since then, but that could just be from the procedure itself. I’m hoping that Dad will begin to have some periods of consciousness while I’m visiting.

Otherwise, I’ll be reading by oil lamp and candlelight, and chatting with my Mom, away from any possibility of Internet, computer games and TiVo. And missing Jeff terribly, since I’ll be away not just this but most weekends for the foreseeable future, and he is away next weekend as well, vacationing on the Cape.


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