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imagine me and you

For those of you who read Rebel Prince, you’ll already know that this news has been scooped; certainly it hasn’t taken much reading between the lines even here, despite a lack of explicit confirmation. But, yes, we’re dating. This also explains why I haven’t been blogging as frequently during the weekends this past month, as I’ve been, um, otherwise occupied.

It’s also a little odd to be confronted with the prospect of dating another blogger, and trying to decide how much to reveal when the other person certainly is reading your posts, and when their privacy also is at stake. Even this acknowledgement feels like it’s making this relationship somehow more “public” than if I were just writing about some non-blogger I might be dating, someone who isn’t already and independently “known,” however that may be defined in this context, to my readers in his own right. It will be interesting to see how it continues to play out blogwise.

Note: The references in the subject lines here and in Jeff’s posting are to the Turtles song “Happy Together,” which in an episode of synchronicity we kept hearing played—on television commercials, at the diner where we were having brunch, at a party hosted by some friends of mine, etc.—last weekend, around the same time we started acknowledging the “boyfriends” word.


How nice, congratulations Thom!

Congrats on dating, and take it from a blogger married to a blogger, the boundaries question isn’t easily solved and doesn’t go away. Sometimes innocent comments are misinterpreted as more personal than meant to be, and sometimes it’s frustrating to want to pour your heart out and know that you can’t. We are strange little exhibitionists, we bloggers. What we want is somewhere between memory storage and validation.

I’m happy for you!

Congratulations, Thom!


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